MSM/Glucosamine Cream (2 oz. tube)

MSM/Glucosamine Cream (2 oz. tube)
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  • Provides the body with organic sulfur—essential to the structure of several amino acids and proteins.
  • Supports joints, cartilage and connective tissue.
  • Helps form molecules that help keep water in the cartilage.
  • Promotes skin health and resilience.

How It Works:

This fragrance-free skin cream provides support for healthy joint, cartilage and connective tissue function as well as mobility. It is a significant source of glucosamine sulfate (4%), a component of healthy joints, and the organic sulfur MSM (2%), an important component of the body’s tissues. This deep-penetrating formula provides prolonged-release action of both MSM and glucosamine sulfate through a patented liposome delivery system.


4 percent glucosamine sulfate and 2 percent MSM, microencapsulated in patented liposomes, in a cream base.

Recommended Use:

Apply liberally as needed to the skin and joint areas.

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